2019 Season Opener- Stewart Boyd (May 2019 Mammoth FAM)

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"As far as notable trips I would say the first two trips of this season are going to be hard to beat. On opening day of this season I headed out with a couple buddies to a local river to target freshwater drum (silver bass, sheephead, whatever you want to call them). The two guys I was with had never targeted drum before and I had only ever caught smaller ones. The first couple hours were slow with one small fish in the boat and one very big one lost 10 feet from the boat. At that point we moved down the river a ways and found a new spot to drop anchor. This new spot did my disappoint and the action was unreal. We ended up with 8 master drum that day between us. I got a single day specialist with 5 master angler drum. It was hard to pack up and leave but it can’t go on forever. We decided to troll our way back to the launch and that resulted in a few more drum, a decent walleye and a master angler walleye just to put a cap on the day. Boating 5 master drum and 1 master walleye was my best day ever on a boat, by a long shot! Having 9 masters caught in our group is a pretty amazing day.That was until two weeks later when I grabbed two buddies and one of their kids and headed back for another round. I said before we left if we got anywhere near duplicating the first trip out we were going to have a great day. This time out we went back to the spot we had all the success with on the previous trip. Turns out the action had not slowed down one bit and the huge fish were still heavily feeding. We absolutely crushed the freshwater drum that day ending up with 15 masters between us, including the absolute giant 31.5” in the picture. My buddies son ended up landing his first two master angler fish ever that day so to say he was excited would be an understatement. It has been a pretty amazing start to the season and I am looking forward to the next couple adventures!"
-Stewart Boyd, May 2019 Mammoth Innovations Featured Angler of the Month
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Thanks to Stewart for submitting this story for us to share.


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