September 2019 Mammoth Recap

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September 2019

Featured Angler News

This month we announced the winner of the Mammoth Innovations Featured Angler of the Month for the previous month, August 2019.  The winner was Ron "Spanky" Marentette of Tilbury, Ontario.  "Spanky", 43, is a heavy equipment mechanic.

Company News


Random Stats

  • Launch Promotion- 3 states/provinces claimed (Florida, New Brunswick, Maryland)
  • Instagram- Grew a little (to about 895 followers)
  • Facebook Page- Grew (575 to 886 likes(Mammoth Innovations- Fishing))
  • Facebook Group- Mammoth Braggin' Board- Grew considerably (from 294 to 486 members)

Goals for September 2019

  1. Continue to grow the Facebook presence of Mammoth Innovations. (Growing steadily)
  2. Reach 2k page "LIKES" (Only about 900 LIKES)
  3. Reach 2k members in the group, The Mammoth Braggin' Board. (Only about 500)
  4. Finalize and announce new products. (Prowler Pack to be released for pre-order early October)


Upcoming Goals for October 2019

  1. Reach 1.5k LIKES, Mammoth Innovations- Fishing.
  2. Reach 1.5k members, Mammoth Braggin' Board.
  3. Release Prowler Pack
  4. Reach new customers.


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Fish Hard.. Fish Often.. FISH WITH MAMMOTH..!


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